I’m not gonna be defined by that one singular moment. I’m gonna live a long life, and that’s half of a second of it.

I won’t let that take everything.

A collegiate football player and lifelong athlete, Mino's identity was wrapped up with what he could do physically.

Then on September 5th, 2015, a freak weightlifting accident left Mino paralyzed from the waist down - forcing him to redefine his future.

This is his story.


from mino

Directly from Mino Solomon, learn why he decided to share such a private moment so openly, and what he hopes to share with you.

how to approach disability

People are historically awkward at handling difficult times - and Mino's heard and experienced it all. Learn how, in his opinion, you should approach disability.

Which Wolf will you feed?

"There are two wolves in each of us: one that's full of anger, fear and hate - and another that's full of love, compassion, and hope. Which will you choose to feed?"


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